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Dan Sheahan

Organic Wildlife Gardener


I always had a love for wildlife & the outdoors but my passion for gardening really began when I decided to grow my own vegetables. I loved the idea of being able to head into my garden to harvest fresh organic food from plants that I grew from seed. However I did not know where to begin, so I signed up for a course at my local college to study horticulture. I was lucky to be tutored by horticulturist (and photographer for this website) Paul O' Flynn who inspired me further, to not only grow organically but to garden with respect for nature and go against some of the common practices we see gardeners doing in favour for a more wildlife friendly approach.


Once I finished my studies I set up a business THE GARDAN GURU. Being able to work outdoors & be amongst nature was great but more then that I wanted to inspire change. With every client I would encourage they adopt this wildlife friendly approach and witness first hand the benefits in their own garden. Now the next step is to get the message further. This website along with our other social media accounts will be dedicated to inspiring us to reconnect with nature & share our love for the planet, beginning in our own backyards.

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